Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Digging Deep

Today was busy. I accomplished a lot. My to do list is down to a two sided 4x6 card. That's a bunch of progress!! My husband is crazy in love with me and glad he's with me even after almost 11 years of putting up with my quirks. My kids are happy and good. My mom was released from Cardiology today and all her other follow ups are in place and she's getting better each day. I had my last class of summer term today. I need to take my final still, but I'm otherwise officially now a grad student because I've completed grad school credits. That's exciting. I'm on track for healthy eating - watch out for me to change!

SO - that's all good right?! I'm so glad that this blog makes me look at the positives. I feel a lot less than positive tonight. I don't understand why my brain does that sometimes. REGARDLESS - I'm choosing to go to sleep with all of the day's accomplishments swirling in my brain, because I just summarized them. EPIC WIN!

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