Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Job, new Me

So - I got the job. I was offered it on Fri. There will still be an extended transition, but I'm on my way to coming full circle and being an ER Nurse again. I'm thrilled.

I'm also doing a juice fast. I'm on day 9 today and down 11 pounds. I'm feeling pretty good except for the cravings. Those are crazy weird. The brain is such a powerful influence on what we eat and crave. I'm trying to reset my body and my brain and my habits. I'm planning on 60 days. I hope I can do it.

It's been a wonderful weekend. I've had really good social time, which I have needed. It's been sunny. My husband is home. The fruits and veggies are all ripe and good. I love farmer's markets. My kids even snuggled today on the couch. It was a rare, awesome moment.

I wish they were like this all the time. Ethan was playing his DS and Ocean was watching TV. Yet they were snuggled up on the same couch.

Okay well, I'm off to sleep, because this juicing thing is giving me energy during the day, but I hit my wall about an hour ago.

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